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Download Math subject or topic video designed by a Math professor and start learning at the comfort of your device

Choose the subject or topic you want from a library of over 30 Subjects and over 500 topics. Click on Videos or Pretests on the menu above, Subscribe Monthly or pay to download a topic.


Pay and Download

•  From $20 per video / $ 5 per topic
•  Pay and download any video of your choice
•  Purchase any Video of your choice
•  Purchase any topic of your choice
•  Material downloaded should not be shared with any third party
•  5 minutes viewing from most topics



•  Subscription is $19.90 per month. an is $70.00 for 4 months.
•  Log in any time withing the period
•  Access to 44 subject videos with over 500 Topics. (over 5000 hours)
•  Personalised Support from the professor
•  Watch the videos from anywhere anytime using your laptop,
   pads, and even desktop computers.



Thousands of students have benefited so far.

Excellent service and outstanding videos. I would not have passed Calculus 2 without the insight and example problems solved on these DVD's. Thank you.

AMAZING!! The man who created this DVD is a math professor, and he explains every question & how to solve it very clearly, step by step. This is really an amazing, extremely helpful set & is like having a personal tutor on your TV. Also, you can choose which section to review, & the shipping was very quick. This is the BEST money that could be spent to prepare for SAT math!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Excellent product. ...The Jordan of math teachers